Vendor Terms and Conditions

Vendor Terms & Conditions

It is agreed as follows: ‘You’, ‘Your’ ‘Vendor’ meaning, the Teeeztainers. ‘Patron’ meaning, those seeking VIP entertainment services from Teeeztainers. ‘We’, ‘Us’ and ‘Our’ meaning, the operators of and all associated Digital Platforms and mobile applications. ‘Digital Platform’ meaning the Digital Platform,, and all associated Digital Platforms, websites and/or mobile applications.
  1. Age Restrictions
1.1 You agree that you are age twenty one (21) or older as defined by the laws of the United States; Canada; the United Kingdom; or the governing laws in effect under any other local, regional, national or international jurisdiction. 1.2 Proof of age shall be required prior to listing, onboarding onto and becoming effective on the Digital Platform. Said proof of age may be in the form of; a current photocopy of an official State issued driving license or Official National Passport. 1.3 Proof of identity. Proof of identity shall be required prior to onboarding onto and becoming effective on the Digital Platform. Said proof of age may be in the form of; a current photocopy of an official State issued driving license or Passport, along with, a current “self image” or “selfie”. Said current “Self image or current “Selfie” must visually match said current photocopy of an official State issued driving license or Official National Passport
  1. Privacy and Discretion
2.1 We agree not to sell, share or distribute your personal details to any third parties outside of The Teeezme Digital Platform under any circumstances except where the provision of said personal details are required by law in accordance with crime prevention, detection or resolution. 2.2 You agree to notify The Teeezme Digital Platform of any changes to your contact details, banking or any other information that would be required to keep our records relevant. 2.3 Our Digital Platform and services shall not be displayed on any bank statements; to maximise your privacy any payments made by card will show as Corporate Services Trust LLC. 2.4 The Teeeztainer agrees not to give any contact details to Patrons acquired from The Teeezme Digital Platform. For management, safety, security protocol, Teeeztainer tracking, mitigation of solicitation claims, mitigation of potential law enforcement dragnets and proper payment purposes, all bookings must go directly through our Digital Platform. 2.5 Any Teeeztainer found to breach point 2.4 above will be immediately, and permanently removed from the Digital Platform without notice. 2.6 Subsequent to active registration, as a Vendor, on the Digital Platform, you may request in writing, that your details be removed from our database at any time and with immediate effect. TheTeeezme Digital Platform also retains the right to cancel your Vendor registration with immediate effect should we deem it necessary and need not provide an explanation.
  1. Effective Date of Vendor Registration
3.1 This Vendor Registration shall come into effect from the date and instance of acceptance of our Vendor Terms and Conditions agreement to these conditions herein with The Teeezme Digital Platform shall continue until cancellation of registration or your request to remove your details. 3.2 This Vendor Registration is legally binding and is written in accordance with United States laws and by marketing an Teeeztainer profile on and or its mobile application, you expressly agreeto be bound by them.
  1. Payments, Renewals & Deposits
4.1 Any fees, which may be charged and paid by You in relation to setting up an Teeeztainer Profile, membership or Renewing an active Teeeztainer profile is strictly non-refundable. This does not affect your statutory rights. 4.2 Fees in relation to creating a new Teeeztainer Profile may be fully refunded prior to the profile going live at the discretion of The Teeezme Digital Platform. 4.3 Fees/Deposits which are paid by the Patron in relation to booking Teeeztainers are cancellable and fully refundable, if cancelled, twenty four (24) hours or less from the service performance date. 4.4 In the event a booking is cancelled by the Teeeztainer through no fault of the Patron; any Fees, payment and/or deposits made by the Patron shall be fully refunded to the Patron and any and all payments credited to the Teeeztainer’s account, shall be reversed in full. 4.5 Teeezme Teeeztainers do not solicit patron business or money. All patron orders and bookings made on the Digital Platform are authorized and paid upfront, by the Patron, prior to the rendering of services by the Teeeztainer. 4.6 Payments to Teeeztainers shall only be made and credited to the Teeeztainer’s banking account for service orders marked with an Order Status of “Complete” or “Completed”. All Teeeztainers shall have the ability to manage orders from their account dashboard. At the completion of any and all orders, it is the Teeeztainer’s responsibility, from an Order management standpoint, to change and mark a Patron’s order status from “Pending”, “Hold”, or “Processing”, to “Complete” or “Completed”. Any order, not marked complete by the Teeeztainer or otherwise not completed by the Teeeztainer shall not be paid or credited for payment to the Teeeztainer’s Digital Platform Vendor account or bank account.
  1. Employment
5.1 Nothing in the Vendor Registration creates a partnership, or the relationship of employer and employee between the parties involved. All Teeeztainers on the Digital Platform shall be classified as an independent vendor and/or an independent contractors and shall be issued an Internal Revenue Service Form 1099 at the end of each tax year for income tax filing and reporting purposes and a copy of said Form 1099 shall be provided to the Internal Revenue Service. As such, all Teeeztainer’s shall be responsible for the payment of federal income taxes on all sales, revenue, bookings, orders, commission, tips, etc., which might be received during the calendar tax year. 5.2 Any earnings made in respect of bookings from The Teeezme Digital Platform are classed as self-employed earnings. 5.3 Without any exception, it is the sole responsibility of the Teeeztainer to pay any federal and/or applicable states taxes due on earnings made in respect to bookings acquired and/or through our Digital Platform.
  1. Teeeztainer Profiles
6.1 Profile/Account setup. To include bank account payment setup, the Teeeztainer agrees to set up and take full responsibility for the content in their profiles. 6.2 Prohibited Photos. The Digital Platform does not market or promote sex. As such, NO nude or naked photos are permitted to be uploaded, utilized or displayed on ANY account listed on the Digital Platform. No photos of the visual depiction of any genitals, or the full display of naked breast are permitted. 6.3 Permitted Photos. Photos in panties, thong, bra, underwear, lace, jock strap or lingerie ARE permitted. Photos which reveal bare skin, breast cleavage, breast with nipples covered, or naked buttocks ARE permitted. 6.4 Patron Contact. Teeeztainers are not permitted to include direct contact details in their profiles; Any profiles found which have published contact details on their profiles will be removed from the Digital Platform with immediate effect. 6.5 Bookings. Any and all requests for patron bookings must be transacted and processed thru the Digital Platform and will be subject to our usual commissions as agreed between the Teeeztainer and the Digital Platform. The Digital Platform only provides marketing, promotion, advertising, time based booking services, transaction and payment services and charges a commission to pass on potential Patron details, confirmed bookings and payment to Teeeztainers who will manage bookings independently thru their Digital Platform Vendor account. 6.6 Age Restriction. The Teeeztainer agrees that any or all services listed on their profile or biography shall not under any circumstances be offered to anyone under the age 21 years of age. 6.7 Legality. The Teeeztainer agrees that the services offered are wholly and fully legal in the country of which those services are being advertised and do not in anyway breach such laws where applicable. 6.8 Promotion of Profile. The Digital Platform will promote your Teeeztainer profile to Patrons via our Digital Platform; Patrons in turn will initiate pre authorized, prepaid orders, thru the Digital Platform, directly with the Teeeztainer of their choice. 6.9 Patrons agree that he/she is eighteen (18) years of age or older of to purchase services listed on Teeeztainer profiles. 6.10 The Patron agrees that he/she shall not attempt to purchase services directly from the Teeeztainer, outside of the Digital Platform.
  1. Bookings
7.1 Teeezme services and resulting bookings are a highly visual, non-sexual, private entertainment, stripteeez service which involves various degrees of dress, to sensual and erotic undress, thru to full nudity, period. The Digital Platform DOES NOT promote, infer, solicit, intend, express, condone nor imply the EXCHANGE of any sexual services and/or the engagement of, nor the engagement in, any sexual activity, for money. All prepayments and subsequent payments rendered by patrons are in exchange for time and entertainment based services, only. The Digital Platform does not state, warrant, express nor imply governance over any privately negotiated agreements, arrangements and/or intimate sexual relationship or engagements between and among consenting adults. However, the occurrence of any said intimate sexual relationship or engagements between and among consenting adults are outside of the operation, authority governance, intent, scope, desire, knowledge and service of the Digital Platform. Teeeztainers shall receive seventy percent (70%) of each patron booking order generated from, by and thru the Digital Platform. Teeeztainers shall receive one-hundred percent (100%) of all patron tips, if any. 7.2 Responsibility for actions. Both the Teeeztainer and the Patron agree that they are responsible for their own actions at all times before, during and after the completion of a booking. Any incident in any form whatsoever that may occur with a Teeeztainer, Patron or both shall be subject to the governing laws of the respective jurisdiction for which said incident shall have occurred. 7.3 It is the responsibility of the Patron and Teeeztainer to propose/agree a safe and clean place to meet. At all times, the Teeeztainer must observe the Digital Platorm’s security protocol before, during and after a completed booking order. 7.4 The Teeezme Digital Platform does not guarantee the number and frequency of bookings, this will depend purely on demand and the appeal of the Teeeztainers profile to prospective Patrons. 7.5 Personal Contact information. The Teeeztainer agrees not to share any personal contact details with the Patron and to instruct the Patron where necessary to directly reference the Digital Platform to arrange repeat bookings. 7.6 Future Orders. The Patron agrees that future orders and bookings with any/all Teeeztainers listed on The Teeezme Digital Platform must be booked on Our Digital Platform. Booking directly with a Teeeztainer is strictly prohibited and will result in the Patron being banned permanently from our Digital Platform. 7.7 Right to Cancel. The Patron and Teeeztainer agrees that both parties reserve the right to cancel a booking immediately if either party attends a booking in an unfit, unkept or unclean state; this includes intoxication or cold/flu or any contagious conditions/diseases that may be transferrable or pose a health risk. 7.8 The Teeeztainer agrees to present herself or himself in a clean and hygienic state/environment, where entertainment is being provided.
  1. Communication
8.1 The Digital Platform may communicate with Patrons and Teeeztainers alike via the Digital Platform, email, text, wire, and telephone. This ensures transparency and allows the Digital Platform to maintain an open line of communication. 8.2 All E-mail correspondence may be saved securely on encrypted private servers hosted by the Digital Platform’s IP service provider. 8.3 Should any illegal or criminal acts occur including acts of violence against Teeeztainers, the Digital Platform will take all necessary actions including passing on Patrons or Teeeztainers details to law enforcement agencies.
  1. Engagements
9.1 Patron and Teeeztainer both agree that neither party will, under any circumstances, bring The Digital Platform into disrepute and use the Digital Platform in a method that it was not intended or attempt to access information from the Digital Platform by unlawful unauthorized means such as manipulating the code i.e. hacking, making use of account credentials that do not belong to you without prior consent of the owner. 9.2 Breaching any of the above points may result in the permanent banning of the Teeeztainer or Patron from Our Digital Platform and additionally, the Digital Platform may take appropriate legal action where necessary in order to recover costs or damages. Please note that by creating a Teeeztainer Profile on Our Digital Platform, you are agreeing to the legally binding terms and conditions set out in the above Vendor’s Terms and Conditions.